Nightlife, based on Long Island, New York, covers an umbrella of content, services, and products that span a large range of areas such as restaurants, shows, music, bars, clubs, sports and more. To contact us about featuring your event or venue or advertising inquiries please click here.


Chief Executive Officer & Publisher

Michael J. Cutino

Editor in Chief

Fran Petito


Michael Zinn


Jade Torres

Office Manager

Britnie Murphy

Contributing Editors

Shawn Cooper
Nicole Ormandy


John Culbert
631-580-7772 Ext. 109


David Grossman & Associates, Esq


Bryan Revillo
Marvin Krauss
Steven Krauss
JoAnne “Jaybird” Phillips


Frank Lombardo
Jade Torres

Travel Editors

Scott Buchter
Mickey Charles
Ross Charles
Rebecca Cutino


Britnie Murphy
Scott Buchter


Paul Sequence Ferguson
Michael Zinn
Frank Lombardo


Caryn Feldman


Ron Kapon



New York Sportscene™

A monthly publication covering everything that is sports in the tri-state area.
If it’s happening here, you will read about it in NYS. And let’s face it – New York has some of the best sports teams in the country. Hate the Yankees? You’re just jealous. Get your hands on New York Sportscene™.
For the serious New York sports fanatic.

Billboards on Wheels

One of the largest billboard companies in the Eastern United States and our affiliate company, Billboard Express, handles our nationwide advertising, which makes us one of the biggest companies in the United States for outdoor mobile billboards.

The Drive Tee

Looking to improve your golf game? The Drive Tee is the answer to all of your problems. You can’t always blame the wind. Pick up a few of these drive tees and watch your golf game go up and your score go down. More yardage, accuracy, and a consistent height every time.

NY Design

(NYDS9) is a full service marketing communications company that focuses on strategic development of marketing plans with execution that will grow your brand. Our team of professionals gives you targeted, innovative copy writing and creative designs.


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